How Binary Options Can Improve Your Trading Skills

I’m always excited to learn ways to improve my trading.

Our resident binary option expert, Abe Cofnas, was just interviewed on how to use binary options to improve your trading skills.

The blog, Trader Tech Talk, just did an interesting interview where Abe talks about binary options. Listen to it for some surprises!

Click here to listen to it:
I think you will enjoy it!


Using Binary Options to Profit From Federal Reserve Policies

Billions of dollars are made and lost every day due to the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks. One way to potentially profit from this is through binary options. Binary Options allow you to profit from making a simple decision like “Will the Dow end the week higher or lower”. No longer do you have to worry about how far or how the market ends up higher. Just decide if it will be higher or lower! If you are correct, you make the maximum profit! Click here for more information!



I just returned from a trip to South Africa again. I was teaching a trading class there to over 350 people. This is a huge size for this class as we normally do much smaller classes in the US.

The point is that this shows how keen South Africans are to learn about trading.

Apparently, there are only a few people who teach investing in South Africa and they are not very good.

I was very impressed with the level of enthusiasm they had for investing. They seemed very hungry for the info!

I’m looking forward to going back there in January to teach two more classes!

We’re really making a push there as the market is very keen for our material. We’ve hired a South African and are setting up an office there. I think we are early to the market there as incomes are still low but I think that they are growing rapidly and I’d rather be too early than too late.


Trade Options Like A Professional

The Options University Bootcamp is the ultimate for learning how to trade options like a professional. This five day live seminar starts with the basics and ends with super cool ways to trade options like a pro. Courtney Smith and his pro instructors will teach you strategies for making massive money and also consistent money.

Learn all about the hottest option product, Binary Options. We will have the world’s greatest expert on binaries, Abe Cofnas, teach how to make money trading them while having a lot of fun. One cool feature of the bootcamp is that we will be live trading the strategies as we teach them. Click here now for more info!



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  1. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for posting my podcast interview with Abe Cofnas on your blog! Much appreciated. Abe is a great person to talk with.

    Is there anything I can do for you?

    You have a really amazing blog here, by the way. Nice to see such a long history of great articles.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

    John Verbrugge

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