Hilarious Explanation of Quantitative Easing!

This cartoon really gets to the essence of QE2. I found it to be very funny. Who knew that you could make quantitative easing funny?! Also check out some of this animator’s other videos. Amazing!

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4 Responses to Hilarious Explanation of Quantitative Easing!

  1. Kim Seiniger says:

    OMG….. Courtney, this is crazy hysterical…. laughing my A** off!!!!!

  2. Paul Bilodeau says:

    Unfargingbelieveable………..you can’t make this stuff up!!!

  3. Cregg says:

    This is very funny…..until you think about how true it is! What will it take to remove the government corruption? I think it would be great to vote them all out, but I think to fix this it will take much more agressive action.

  4. Dustin Brohm says:

    Thanks for sharing this video Courtney. I shared it on Facebook and my friends loved it. Well, they hated it too, because it’s just too damn accurate to be that funny. It would be funnier if QE2 was fictitious.

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