Getting Away and Starting Fresh!

Dateline: Huatulco, Mexico

I used to work for Jim McKeever back in the early 1970’s. He was one of the original gold bugs and newsletter writers.

Every year, he would take a train trip across the US. He would rent a sleeper room on the train so he could be alone or with other people, whatever he wanted.

He would use the days that it took to cross the country to take a break from all the minutia and trivialities of the day-to-day life to think deeply about the previous year and the coming year. There was no way anyone could disturb him and he couldn’t easily contact others. He was alone with his thoughts.

I decided a couple of months ago to do the same thing except I decided to take a 10 day cruise instead of riding the rails. Back then, riding trains could be a first class experience. No longer. So I decided to take. Cruise through the Panama Canal instead!

I’m currently in a small seaside village at an Internet cafe. I haven’t had any connection to the outside world for the last two days and won’t for another two days. So weird!

But I’m going to use the off time wisely and plot out the coming year. I want to really touch deeply to make sure that I’m only doing things that bring me joy.

So who knows what I’ll come up with!

But, whatever, it will be exciting!

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5 Responses to Getting Away and Starting Fresh!

  1. David says:

    Hi Courtney, hope you have a nice trip there! Hopefully you’ll find the holy grail trading technique which will win 95% at all time & teach us as well! Wakakaka…

  2. Suhendro says:

    Have fun! Would love to see the exotic place you visiting now.

  3. Petra Schoning says:

    Post some pictures for us, if you can, Courtney. I understand they are widening the Panama Canal… must be very interesting! Wishing you a continued excellent and well deserved trip…

  4. Hi Courtney – Enjoy your vacation. Knowing you for a only short time and learning about some of the projects you are working on that you mentioned during our last IMI Course in Orlando and in the follow-up webinar, you deserve it!! I’m a bit jealous that I’m not right there next to you. We did the Panama Canal a few years ago via steam train from the Caribbean side to the Pacific side and watched some ships traverse the locks…….just amazing!! Still I love vacations – ones that I can trade from so I can afford more of them!! See you in Los Angeles!! Back to posting my end of day results for Tuesday, April 26th……..Paul Bilodeau

  5. Great to have met you at mmi and financial freedom.
    I was not able to study with you back then.
    I like this format where I get to start when I can.
    Robert Kiyosaki was our guest speaker at our collagen convention
    And he says that 2016 is another year like 2008.
    He said that he predicted the downturn on national tv months before it happen.
    What do you think of his announcement to our delegates in Vegas.
    #love #collagenbabe

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