Famous GooRoos Predict Massive Stock Market Plunge

Famous gooroos  are calling for a dramatic plunge in the stock market:

  • – Andrew Smithers says, “US stocks are now about 80% overvalued.”
  • – David Stockman: “a gigantic, horrendous storm,” is not far away.
  • – Jim Rogers: the greatest crash of our lifetime will happen “later this year or next.” “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.”
  • – Marc Faber says he sees a plummet of 40% or more and “it will end very badly, extremely badly.” “Investors are on the Titanic.” Stocks are about to “endure a gut wrenching drop that would rival the greatest crashes in stock market history.”
  • – Harry Dent says, “We’ll see a historic drop to 6,000… and when the dust settles – it’ll plummet to 3,300.”

I’m about to run to Walmart to buy guns, ammo, and freeze dried food!

Here’s the problem. These gooroos keep predicting the end of the world year after year and are wrong year after year.

Then, when the market finally actually collapses, they will talk about how they predicted it ten years ago!

In other words, the more wrong they are, the more they will talk about how they predicted it years in advance! They will turn their incredible failing into a marketing plus!


The lesson? Ignore gooroos. They are in the business of selling you books or newsletters. They are not in the business of making your money.

In fact, they are HARMING you by keeping you from investing in the greatest bull market in history! Your retirement and your family and YOU are harmed by their bogus warnings.

To me, the most important thing is to make money now in the market. To me, we should obviously be concerned about a large drop in the market. But we can make money in bear markets! So I want to trade right now, make money, and not crawl into a cave.

I have a course coming up designed exactly for this.

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Ignore the gooroos. Build your own income to attain financial freedom.

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One Response to Famous GooRoos Predict Massive Stock Market Plunge

  1. What “Uncle Courtney” says is true. I have heard Marc Faber for years with the same message, “The market is in for a big correction.” Thus his nickname on MSNBC, “Dr. Doom”. The question he can not answer, nor anyone else, “How & when.”
    Here is my prediction, the world will end. The “How & when. When the sun burns out in 500 million years.” Okay, I said it & you can now get ready for the end of the world.
    Yet, more important is what is going on in your current situations & be prepared to what is within your control.
    The market is the same, it is not controllable, yet, it is predicative currently & what part you want control.
    The predicative is technical indicators because they are base on price action. The market is stable 70% of the time. Checking weekly charts is where are the signals that
    start to show up in advance. Why, institutions that control 70% of the market start buying & selling slowly first, not to panic others institutions & the retail investors/traders. This base on what the SP500 members are doing or how they are doing in business cash flow.
    Using the WB tools, the fundamentals will show small cracks before the real action begins. That is institutions making any excuse to take a profit when the market peaks, buy the dips & keep dong it over & over.
    The market crash of 2008 was signaled in 2007 with the yield curve & weekly chart patterns before the dailies got hit. By then, it is too because the initiators have already done their part. Made money selling off slowly to get the best price or buying in slowly to get the best deal.
    That is why, watching the IWM is more important than the SP500. Why? Small business will react faster to headwinds & are depend on SP500 companies as their clients. When clients start buying or stop ordering product & services from IWM, that is the SP500 readying the market is in for a change.
    Closing: Select the indicators that have shown the best performance for you, it is your money. They won’t be perfect, but they will be consistent.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all WB Staff & ‘Uncle Courtney’.

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