Execute Flawlessly

You have a good technique for making money in the markets. Now you must execute it flawlessly.

It makes no sense to have a good technique and not follow it to a tee.

You will have much deeper confidence in your technique if you take every signal like a machine. Your profits will grow and you will know exactly why they are growing. You are following every signal flawlessly so there is no doubt why you are making money.

But what if you don’t follow your rules precisely? What if you don’t execute flawlessly?

Then you will never know why you are making money. Are the profits coming from he technique or from your overrides? You will never know. Your confidence in the technique will degrade because of the lack of experience of knowing if your technique is profitable. Your stress level will increase because you have dramatically increased the chaos in your life. You have dramatically increased the unknown in your life.

You must have the discipline to execute flawlessly. You must stop thinking when you trade and simply execute flawlessly.

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