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 “Courtney, many of the things you teach are the opposite of what everybody else teaches!
For example,
  • – Everybody says you should buy stocks when they are cheap.
  • – Everybody says that dollar cost averaging is a fantastic way to make money in the market.
  • – Everybody spends hours looking at the fundamentals of the company.

How could you build such an amazing track record and won so many awards and yet you do the opposite of so many things that everybody else teaches?”

I think you just answered the question!

Frankly, the only way you can be a superior trader is to not do what everybody else tells you to do. Remember, they are all mediocre so they are actually teaching you to be mediocre like them.

You have to be a contrarian to massively outperform the market. You have to forge a different path from everybody else.

Sure, that takes courage but that creates wealth.

Another issue is that everybody is trying to beat the market while I’m trying to make money.

They want to beat the Dow or some other benchmark. So, if the Dow is up 10%, they want to be up 11%. But that also means that if the Dow is down 50% like it was in 2008 then they want to be down only 45%!

That style of trading is called Relative Return Investing while what I do is called Absolute Return Investing. Very different styles.

My job is not to beat the market but to make money every year

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 Good Trading!

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