Do You Deserve To Be Rich?

How did you answer that question?

How you answered that question will determine your financial life.

Go on, ask yourself that question again. Be truthful. Dig deep to find the answer.

Nearly everyone feels that they don’t deserve to be rich. They feel deep down that there is something inside them that is defective. They feel that they aren’t fully formed. They feel that they are small inside. They are afraid that people will finally realize that they are a fraud on some level.

Is that the psychology of a rich person?

So many of us are still children deep inside. We were told over and over again that we were doing something wrong as children. Of course, we never lived up to our parents’ expectations. We failed.

Then we went to school and repeated the same feelings of inadequacy.

Then we got a job and repeated the same feelings of inadequacy.

Not everyone goes through this but the vast majority do.

It is often only when we become adults and attain competency in a job that we start to feel that we are worth something inside. This is the beginning of feeling that we deserve to be rich.

It is impossible to get rich and stay rich without feeling you deserve it.

You will always sabotage yourself before you get rich. You don’t ask for a raise to a level you deserve. You don’t invest in stocks because you are afraid you will lose money.

But you do deserve to be rich!

You are a human being and, as such, have value. Real value. Are you perfect. Of course not. But you don’t have to have perfection to be worth something. Perhaps even a lot.

You need to stop focusing on your faults and focus on your values. You are a good person. You do a good job at work. And so on.

You become what you focus on so stop focusing on your faults! Of course you should acknowledge them and try to correct them. But don’t obsess over them. Heck, don’t focus on them much.

Instead, focus on what you do well.

Dwell on your competencies, on the things you do well. You should be living your life here.

I know that I’m a poor proofreader. But I know I’m a pretty good writer. I could obsess over my poor skill. I could take courses in proof reading. I could study it til I get it right. But going through all that focuses my mind on the fact that I am a failure at proofreading. I will begin to think I don’t deserve success. I will begin to think I don’t deserve to be rich.

Instead, I should just hire someone to proofread and instead focus on the area where I am successful, writing. Then, I will have people compliment me. I gain some measure of importance in society. More importantly, I will revel in my competence. My self esteem will grow. I will feel that I deserve to be rich!

You can’t get rich if you don’t believe you deserve it. Change your mind by changing your focus.

Get rich. You deserve it.

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