Did You Miss These Trades?

I’ve been telling you about Smith’s Stock Swing Trader. Here’s are a few of our recent trades.

We returned over 100% on these trades:

  • EWG Short +103%
  • MEDP +104%
  • BTI Short +103%
  • HLF +104%
  • MSCI +104%
  • AAPL +104%
  • OLED +109%
  • NVCR +110%
  • SAND +111%
  • CHDN +112%
  • EPAM +119

Not enough profit? How about trades that returned 229% like SPY.

Or how about returning a mammoth 379% from AAPL.

Isn’t it time you starting making these kinds of trades.

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If you want to create an income like stream of trading profits then you need to look into swing trading.

Smith’s Stock Swing Trader may be your ticket to constant trading profits.

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Good swing trading,


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Good swing trading,


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