Creativity and Trading

I love creativity and creators. I actually married a dancer and a singer!

But some people don’t like trading because it is not creative.

Here’s how I look at it

Picasso was very creative. He went through many different phases in his art plus he was able to be creative in several different media.

I have worked with a several traders who were like that, Marty Schwartz and Michael Marcus.

They were very creative traders who were able to constantly create profitable trades in very creative ways.

They are Picasso’s and Michelangelo’s of trading. Very creative and very profitable. I’ve know only a few of those in my life.

But I’m not like them.

My trading is more paint-by-numbers. Remember those when you were a kid.

They gave you a piece of paper with the outlines of a piece of art but they had numbers in sections of the art and you were supposed to color that section with the color designated by the number.

That’s how I trade!

Now, my paint by numbers has a lot of sections and a lot of numbers but still basically the same thing.

I can paint the Sistine Chapel using paint-by-numbers over time. It’s not creative to do that but it will get the job done.

Marty and Michael could paint the Sistine Chapel in a heartbeat. I have to be more systematic to achieve the same results.

One huge advantage of my more simple paint-by-numbers approach is that is transferable knowledge. That is, I can hand you the same sheet I use and you can color in the same numbers/colors and get the same results as me.

I’m doing two different paint-by-numbers course coming up.

One tells you how to make money in the stock market and one in the options market.

I will give you a scholarship to both but you have to apply for them.

Click here to learn more about the Stock Financial Freedom System.


Click here to learn more about the Options Success School Course.


They are both live seminars and we are doing them across the country so there is likely a location convenient for you.

You don’t need to be creative to make a lot of money in the stock and options markets. But you do need to have the paint by numbers!


Good trading,



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