Covfefe options strategies

Sounds like an options strategy, doesn’t it.

You could tell your friends that you just put on a ration covfefe back spread. Or perhaps a iron covfefe. Or perhaps even a covfefe butterfly.

Your friends will be totally amazed at your options trading sophistication! Or perhaps they will just be mystified.


The point is that you will make far more money trading with far less risk if you use the right strategy.

I’ve been telling you about our free Options Strategy Guide this week because you need to have it sitting next to your computer screen to help you make wise decisions.

You don’t want to miss out on a better strategy just because you were too lazy to grab a copy of something free.

Click here claim your free Options Strategy Guide.

I’m ending this free offer today so make sure you go here to grab a copy now!
Good covfefeing,


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