Confused about the market?

We had a tremendous bull market last year but the market has been a piece of crap since February.

Buy and selling hasn’t really worked.
But options can continue to create massive profits while the market burns! How?
You can trade volatility. Do you think the market will be more volatile in the futures?Less volatile?

You can use a strategy called Delta Neutral.

The name comes from the fact that you don’t care if the market goes up or down. Delta is the sensitivity of your position to the market going up or down. So being delta neutral means you are neither long nor short the stock or market.

The basic delta neutral trade is a straddle. A long straddle is where you buy a put and a call with the same strike and expiration. Note that you make money if the price of the stock goes up a lot or goes down a lot. So you are betting that the market is going to be volatile.

But what if you think that the market is going to be boring. You would then sell a straddle. You would sell a call and a put with the same strike and expiration. You would make money if the stock stays in a range or moves little.

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