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The Fed is Insane – Part 1

The chart above shows the yield on 30 year treasury bonds. As you can see, it is in a major bull run and yields have run from 3.6% to 4.6%. Did you think that China was the largest owner of … Continue reading

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Another Reason for Weak Economic Growth Ahead

I have identified many reasons why the economy will be weak in the coming year. Here is just the latest. McDonald’s will be dropping health coverage for a group of its employees due to new health care regulations. They have … Continue reading

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Infighting Besets Financial-Oversight Council

This story outlines the bitter infighting among the various financial regulators who will form the Financial Oversight Council. At the same time that they are fighting, regulators are putting in regulations. So what this means is that there are regulations … Continue reading

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How the Tea Party Is Changing the Stock Market

The Tea Party is certainly shaking up the political world. They have taken control of lots of races around the country. But what impact will they have on the economic world? We don’t know how many Tea Partiers will be … Continue reading

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They Hate Greece

I recently spent several days with some Germans. I asked them what the response of the German people was to the nearly $1 trillion fund created to initially bailout the Greek government. They said that the German people were incensed. … Continue reading

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Drew Carey shows how to eliminate traffic congestion

Drew Carey and the Reason Foundation show how to eliminate gridlock in Los Angeles and everywhere else for that matter! Tweet This!TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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