Biotech Breakout


Biotech Breakout

I was a pioneer in the Internet. One of the things I did was to be the first person to recruit people to be in clinical trials for drugs.

My company would get paid $100 for everyone that we recruited into the trial. If it was a diabetes trial, we would go to diabetes forums and ask for volunteers. It was easy money!

But it really showed me that the cost of creating a new drug was monstrous. They wouuld have to recruit thousands of people for their clinical trials.

I though that we were ripping off the company charging them $100 per person. I found out later that they were laughing all the way to the bank since they would have paid tens times more!

There has been a major transformation in the healthcare system over the last 20 years and that transformation is accelerating.

In the old days, big drug companies, like Merck or Bristol-Meyers would spend billions of dollars every years to develop drugs. They would also spend years to develop new drugs.

Of course, most of their efforts were failures and no drug would result from their efforts.

Starting about 20 years ago, big drug companies started to effectively outsource their drug development to biotech companies. 20 years ago, Amgen was about the only biotech company with a product earning money. All other biotech companies were speculative and were still struggling to create new drugs.

But Big Pharma realized that it was cheaper to buy the rights to a drug developed by a biotech and develop it themselves. Sometimes it was cheaper to just buy the whole biotech company!

This has led to cycles of innovation and buying of rights and companies by the big drug companies.

The chart above shows the price action of a biotech ETF, XBI, You can see it is breaking out right now. So I think this is a good time to be a buyer of the biotech sector and XBI in particular. My first objective is 100.

This is a good way to play the coming bull market.

A better way would be to buy a call on the ETF. Options are pretty cheap so I would look to buy a long dated option.

An even better way to play this market is to buy the hottest most powerful biotech stocks. Biotech stocks are very volatile and can double quickly.

I get all my specific biotech picks from Options University’s Ian Cooper who puts out a fantastic newsletter on Biotech. I would highly recommend subscribing to it.

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New dates and locations for Stock Financial Freedom System!

We have another series of our live seminar, Stock Financial Freedom System, coming up. It is really very different from in the past.

First, the content is different and more interactive. We are going to be spending more time doing trading and less time learning trading.

Second, we are doing the course all over the country and soon all over the world.

We have planned upcoming events in Orlando, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

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For a short time only, I am gifting full scholarships to all of these events! You could potential come for free.

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Few Second Acts

Very few companies have second acts.

Xerox was one of the sexiest companies on the planet with their copier. Then they went belly up and never recovered.

Kodak invented digital cameras. When did you last buy one? Oh, that’s right, you can’t.

Some companies have a great first act and then coast. IBM or Microsoft come to mind. They were unbelievable companies but now just drift along.

Apple is one of the few companies that had a second act when they came up with the iPhone which eclipsed their computers.

It looks like LULU is having a second act. They were literally a sexy growth stock until it was revealed that some of their clothes were more transparent that they thought. The stock plunged.

But they are back and consistently showing up on our Best of the Best list and are a stock pick in our Wall Street Winners. I expect it to do very well!

It will be one of the few second acts in the stock market.


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