Back In Action!


It seems like forever since I last traded! Is it like riding a bicycle? You can’t ever forget what to do?

I decided several months ago to take a cruise as a vacation. I booked a ten day cruise through the Panama Canal starting in Acapulco, stopping in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica. The cruise ended in Ft. Lauderdale.

I figured that taking a cruise would be the only way to truly stop working and get away from the Internet. All that worked! I only had a few minutes of Internet time when we would dock in a new country every other day.

It was quite fascinating to watch my reactions to going cold turkey on Internet access. It wasn’t too bad! Although I must admit that I was getting antsy to get back to work after about seven days.

I had brought lots of work with me but ended up doing none of it! I liked going on vacation. Who knew!

You see, I rarely work! I know that people are always stunned to find me available almost any time of day or night but I love what I do o it is not work. I don’t get tired because I am infinitely fascinated by trading, investing, and business. So I never really need vacations.

I then flew up to New York and had two days of incredible meetings. I’m working on some amazing projects at I’ll let you in on when they get more developed.

Now, back to action! I’m writing this at 37,000 feet flying my way to another great destination. Tomorrow, Saturday, I’m really looking forward to really getting into the markets again.

Hey,I leave for a couple of weeks and the markets go insane! That’s the last time I leave you guys in charge! 🙂

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  1. Paul Bilodeau says:

    WELCOME BACK!! We missed you……….there’s a lot of catching up to do!!

    Paul Bilodeau

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