Have You Ever Thought About Quitting Your Job?

Sure you have.

I have gone around the world and asked a simple question: Are you overpaid? I’ve probably asked that question to 10,000 people. I’ve only had one person answer yes.

That means that 9999 people were working for less pay than they deserve. You are probably in that group.

I often think about what it is like to work at a job where you are underpaid. What does it do to your psyche and self -esteem?

What does it do to you when you constantly feel under-appreciated? I think it must slowly degrade your self-esteem and self-worth. How is it possible to get rich with that gnawing at you?

I think few people have a job which allows them to get paid fairly and help them grow as a person. And that is a major problem in the world! It’s hard to have world peace when people are cranky about their job!

How can you become the person you should be when you spend 10 hours every day in work and commutation? And then you are tired when you get home?

You NEED to take control of your job! What do you want out of life? Will your job be the tool to get you there?

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