3 tricks traders can steal from Marty Schwartz

Marty Schwartz is perhaps the greatest trader of all time. He has a documented track record of making 1000% or more for 7 straight years!

He hired me to coach him and I did for about 18 months. I sat next to him.

He is truly a great trader. I learned a lot just watching him. Here’s three things I learned from him.


Marty was perhaps the most focused trader I have ever seen. He would focus all his attention on the market when he was trading. You could drop a grenade next to him and he wouldn’t notice.

No Flakebook. No tweets. No email. He was totally focused on what he was doing. I never saw his mind drift.

At one point, I watched Marty being carted out of the office on a stretcher with what turned out to be viral pneumonia! He was still trading as they wheeled him to the elevator! Now that is focus!


Marty had his own trading style and rules. He never bent them. It was almost a religion to him to make sure he was disciplined about what he was doing. HE WOULD NOT BREAK HIS RULES!

He had a proven system so it would have been foolish for him to break the rules.

Yet I see that most traders, perhaps you, do not follow a system but wing it. Marty never winged it.

Taking Small Losses

Another key element to his success was the size of his losers. His losers were minuscule. How did he do it?

Basically, he would put on a trade and immediately get out if it went against him. So his losses were incredibly small.

But sometimes he would, for example, buy and the market would turn back down. He would get out right away. Often the price would continue down and he avoided a big loss.

But sometimes, he would get out and the price would turn around and go back up again. He would buy it right back again.

The key was that he protected his capital very very tightly. He would bail out immediately if his idea wasn’t working out. But then buy right back when the market told him to re-enter.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to coach some of the greatest traders of all time. Believe me when I tell you that I learned a lot from them!

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