27 Hours to Travel to Singapore! Exhausted!

I just got back to Singapore after spending 27 hours on three different plane trips!

I hate jet lag! It’s the only thing in my life that I don’t like. It knocks me out for about a week each time I go back and forth to/from Asia/US.

I use the usual melatonin and that helps but I’d love to hear anybody else’s suggestions!

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  1. Jack Keenan says:


    Regarding your jet lag, my sister who is a Chiropractor and has her Master’s in nutrition says a quick way to get over Jet Lag is to take a bath using a cup of baking soda and one cup of epsom salt. She also suggest taking a few supplements before and after flying including: Echinacea and Andrographis. You can ask her a question if you wish on her website at: Wholebodysolutions.org

    Since the seminar in Orland, I did 3,000 miles in driving my car in one week after which I flew to Turkey and drove around the country. I did the Andrographis and it seemed to benefit me a lot. I also had a nice full body massage when I got back. Good Luck!

  2. Doug Greenland says:

    Lived in shanghai for 4 years and never could come up with a consistent solution when traveling back and forth, but for me Tylenol PM worked well without the wake-up headache that Ambian seemed to leave me with. Get as much sleep as you can on the plane which for me meant not eating too much and then forcing myself to stay awake at night until a normal sleep time, once i arrived at the final destination.

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