How To Profit From the Current Stock Market Crisis Replay

This is a replay of a live webinar I did last night. Enjoy!


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7 Responses to How To Profit From the Current Stock Market Crisis Replay

  1. EDWARD says:


  2. Thanks so much for the much needed info and rally for the next 2 months. Awesome!

  3. Felix says:

    Thanks for your teaching. I really like to learn from someone like you. Keep the good work.

  4. Nathalie says:

    Very awesome! Thank you Courtney for this, really helpful.
    Suggestion: ETF and futures would be an other great webinar subject.

  5. Vickie says:

    I agree with Nathalie. I would love to learn more about both of those topics. Also I attended the FTI in Orlando. Great job Courtney, easiest fundimental analysis I have ever seen. However I’m still a little cloudy on exit stratigy for CB and TA. Help!! Please

  6. Richard says:

    Thank you for the informative webinar. Just bought your book on Trading Forex.

  7. In times of economic and political uncertainty, precious metals are known for outperforming stocks, bonds and real estate. Throw inflationary pressures into the mix and you have the conditions for an explosive rally in precious metals. As the Dow struggles to return to levels achieved ten years ago, the price of Gold has risen more than 400% and silver more than 550% in the same time frame!
    In reality, the value of these metals has changed very little. Rather, their historical role as a store of value has begun to reassert itself, just as in every previous inflationary scenario in history. Our current economic situation and the underlying principles of our financial system all but assure that our dollars will continue to be devalued and the price of goods and services will continue to inflate in the years ahead. The record expansion of the money supply to “stimulate” the economy has accelerated this process. Unprecedented government budget deficits and huge trade imbalances leave few alternatives but to further debase the currency in order to service the interest on our national debt. And while all of these forces spell out difficult times ahead, the price of gold and silver relative to the dollar will only continue to rise—making them the ideal safeguard of wealth in any season.

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