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The Final Word on the Debt Ceiling!

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Insane Debt Growth!

The picture above is scary. It shows the insane growth in debt by the Federal government. Note the exponential growth. Can this train be stopped? I doubt it. I think that the US has passed the point of no return. … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why There Won’t Be a US Debt Default

It is unconstitutional! The Constitution actually forbids that the US defaults on any of its debt. This provision was put in after the Revolutionary War to give people, particularly soldiers, and foreign governments that the US would not do what … Continue reading

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27 Hours to Travel to Singapore! Exhausted!

I just got back to Singapore after spending 27 hours on three different plane trips! I hate jet lag! It’s the only thing in my life that I don’t like. It knocks me out for about a week each time … Continue reading

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Why Do We Care?

The most powerful marketing strategy of all is to care. Care about your clients and your prospects. In every business I am involved with, I have a section called Show The Love. I believe that caring is the most powerful … Continue reading

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