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Historical Analogous Analysis Is Bearish For Stock Market

The chart to the right is very bearish for the stock market. The light red line shows the stock market after the high in 1937. The dark red line shows recent stock market performance. Clearly, the action this year is … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Drawdowns, Part 1

One of the most critical aspects of making money in trading is how to deal with drawdowns. Drawdowns are inevitable and usually cause a large emotional toll. In fact, the emotional toll may be so great that you stop trading. … Continue reading

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Inspiration to Overcome Obstacles

The link below is a great story about the first self-made woman millionaire in the US. The obstacles that she faced were insane and make anything you and I have to overcome seem minor. Please check it out! You’ll be … Continue reading

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This Is One of the Key Reasons for the Rally in the Euro

There are several reasons for the recent rally in the EURUSD. I think that one reason is that the sigh of relief that the crisis in Greece is fading from the front page of newspapers. The second reason is that … Continue reading

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My Take On Goldman Sachs

I have sharply mixed feelings about GS. On one hand, I believe that they were one of the greatest investment banks in history. Their culture of partnership and collegiality is legend. (They used to require that a new hire be … Continue reading

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They Hate Greece

I recently spent several days with some Germans. I asked them what the response of the German people was to the nearly $1 trillion fund created to initially bailout the Greek government. They said that the German people were incensed. … Continue reading

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Excellent Educational Videos from Jay Abraham

I’m always intrigued by marketing and marketers. One of the best is Jay Abraham. I’ve been following him since the 1980’s. One of the things that I like is that I watch videos or read his books and he is … Continue reading

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I am always stunned about how little is done to prevent malaria. This is perhaps the most important infectious disease in the world. It kills a million people a year but infects 300 million. Those 300 million have little energy … Continue reading

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Dow Finishes Best Week This Year

This week’s 511 point rally was impressive. The main reason given was excitement over the upcoming earnings season. The market is looking for very strong earnings growth. I don’t think so. The economy is sagging back into no growth after … Continue reading

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BofA Says It Incorrectly Hid Debt –

This is a perfect example of corporate malfeasance. BofA is clearing distorting their balance sheet from the public. This is not window dressing but, in my opinion, fraud. BofA Says It Incorrectly Hid Debt – Tweet This!TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

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