Do you thing about trading and break out in a cold sweat?

Do you go to put on a trade and start to shake?

Do you put on a trade and immediately start to hit refresh all day long to see what is happening with the trade.

Stop it!

Trading shouldn’t make you squirm. Here’s a couple of tips to reduce stress.

Reduce the size of your positions.

I had a coaching client (For info on coaching click here now) who simply would break into a panic when he had to put in a trade. Guess what? He never put in a trade.

So I asked him how he felt if he lost $1000 on a trade. He said he would feel terrible. I said how about if he lost $100. He said that would be better but he would still feel pretty bad.

So I said how would you feel if you lost $10 and he said no problem. So he changed his trading so his maximum loss was $10! He’s been successful ever since! And he has slowly increased his risk so he can make more money.

Another tip is to focus on only what you can control and let the rest go. You can control your trading plan, your orders, and that is about all. You CAN’T control the market. So stop it.

Constantly ask yourself if you have followed the plan. Was it a good plan? Did you execute flawlessly?

There are many other ways you can eliminate the squirm!

I’ve put them together in a very powerful course called the Psychology of Massive Wealth. Click here to find out more info. It will really change your life.


Good Trading,

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Options University
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